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摘要: 拥有让人流连忘返的神秘美景,纵横交错的运河,充满魔力情调的水上之都。

A couple of weeks ago we had a look at an Italian movie named “Pane e tulipani”, a sweet and delicate story set in Venice. Because of its irresistible secret view, the canals and the magical atmosphere.



This week we would like to invite you to travel together to Venice through this article!


Venice is one of those Italian cities that must be visited if on a trip to Italy.


When thinking of Venice, the imagination goes to the lagoon, the water buses that ply routes along the Grand Canal and between citys islands, the magic of a city floating on water, and, of course, gondole.


A gondola, as many knows, its a narrow rowing boat used to move around the small canals, still used as public transport in the city, but mostly by tourists (as well as being one of the most popular miniature souvenir that can be found in Italian grandmothers houses: Italian out there, do you remember them on a white doily on the TV?).


It sure contributes in the romantic and magical atmosphere of the city, but Venice has not been only water and vessels and has actually been known as la Dominante (the dominant) and “The Queen of the Adriatic sea”: the Republic of Venice (back in history Venice has been a city state) has been a major financial and maritime power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as well as the center of commerce and art.



Back then, art in all its forms found a particular environment in the city which, among being a muse for paintings or the set for literature pieces, played an important role in the development of music in Italy, so much to be called the “Republic of Music”.


Among artistic expressions, one particular historical artisanal tradition typical of the city is art glass. 


The island of Murano has specialized in fancy glasswares and its glassmakers led Europe for centuries. The tradition is well and alive today, making the Murano glass one of the most refined in the world.


Another artistic expression of the city can be noticed during the famous Carnival of Venice, an annual festival held in the city that ends with the Christian celebration of lent, before Easter.


This festival is held all over Italy, but the one in Venice is famous in the world for its elaborated masks (mostly artisanal and handmade).


Some of them have identifying names and are part of the traditional theatre characters, like Colombina or Arlecchino, of historical ones such as the plague doctor.


And what about food? Venice has rich culinary tradition where some famous dishes can be found such as fegato alla veneziana (liver Venetian style), and Baccalà mantecato (creamed codfish, that you can enjoy in Annies Antipasteria as well!). 


And, quite important, one of the most famous Italian aperitifs its from Venice as well: Spritz!


Venice is a kaleidoscopical city, full of colors, passion for art (it hosts the famous Venice Biennial and the Venice International Film Festival) and secret corners and it deserves a place on your itinerary to Italy (at least to grab a miniature gondola as souvenir!)


And for this week game we want to see if there is anybody passionate about Venice that can answer this question: what among these is the symbol of Venice? A gondola, a winged lion or a mermaid?




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